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As we start a new year and the 8th volume of Small, we can reflect on 2011 and what has been a successful year, not only for the journal, but for nano-technology and materials science as a subject.

For our materials science family of journals, 2011 was a landmark year. Undoubtedly our most noteworthy event was the establishment of a representative editorial office in China. I have temporarily relocated to China, and together with my colleagues in Beijing, Dr. Duoduo Liang and Dr. Guangchen Xu, we will complement our main editorial office in Weinheim and continue to ensure the fair, thorough, and rapid evaluation of manuscripts submitted to Advanced Materials, Advanced Functional Materials, Advanced Energy Materials, Advanced Healthcare Materials, and Small. We will continue to bring you the best materials science papers from across the globe, and our presence in China will ensure that we continue to attract the top papers in the region. Together with our colleagues in our Hoboken, USA, office, who are responsible for successful titles such as the Journal of Polymer Science: Poly-mer Physics and Journal of Polymer Science: Polymer Chemistry, we ensure top-quality service to our authors and readers across the globe and around the clock!

For our materials science group of journals, 2011 was truly an exciting year. Advanced Energy Materials was launched at the beginning of the year. Featuring solar cells of all kinds, batteries, supercapacitors, thermoelectrics, fuel cells, hydrogen generation and storage, magnetocalorics, and efficient lighting, the journal attracted instant attention from the scientific community and beyond. More about the journal can be found on

Advanced Healthcare Materials was published as a special focus section in Advanced Materials in 2011 and will be a new journal from January 2012. It is an interdisciplinary forum for peer-reviewed papers on materials science aimed at promoting human health and will cover all aspects of materials science in medicine and biotechnology. Advanced Healthcare Materials contains an attractive mix of Communications, Full Papers, Review Articles, Progress Reports, Research News, and Essays on cutting-edge research areas such as biomaterials for drug-delivery systems, cancer therapy, tissue engineering, imaging, biosensors and diagnostic tools, personalized medicine, bioelectronics, and implantable devices. For more information, visit:

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We would like to remind all readers not yet able to access Advanced Energy Materials and Advanced Healthcare Materials that they are freely available for all institutions throughout 2012. Prospective users lacking access at their institution should contact their librarian to register at for complimentary online access for the next twelve months.

Look out for Advanced Optical Materials. As research into light–matter interactions continues to push into uncharted territory, this new topical section in Advanced Materials is dedicated to breakthrough discoveries and fundamental research in photonics, plasmonics, metamaterials, and all important aspects of this burgeoning research field. It will include Communications, Full Papers, and Reviews. Look out for the first edition in Spring 2012. For more information, visit


Small continues to grow from strength to strength. Our highlight for the year was the latest 2010 Impact Factor of 7.3. Although we all have mixed feelings about the significance of this number, it does re-enforce the trust that the scientific community places on Small. Other highlights in 2011 included two special issues—one focusing on Nano-technology with Soft Matter and the second celebrating the 20th anniversary of Chad Mirkin's research career at Northwestern University (Prof. Mirkin is a co-chairman of the Small Editorial Advisory Board). The former special issue coincided with a symposium at the International Conference on Materials for Advanced Technologies (ICMAT) in Singapore in June. The latter issue was a key feature at the 20 Year Celebration of the Mirkin Research Group (Mirkunite) held in Evanston, IL in August.

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The first 2012 issue of Small bring you quality articles relating to all aspects of nano- and microtechnology. In their Review on page 13, Shu-Hong Yu and his co-workers provide an overview of the design and synthesis of late transition metal chalogenide nanomaterials by solution-based strategies for the oxygen reduction reaction. In their Concept on page 28, Zauscher and co-workers provide some insight into the use of ferroelectric thin films in sensing applications and the exciting possibilities that these materials could bring to interfacial engineering and lab-on-chip device design. The cover picture illustrates the work of Buso and his team on page 80 who discuss “Highly Luminescent Metal-Organic Frameworks through Quantum Dot Doping,” while the inside cover highlights MoS2 film-based field-effect transistors for room-temperature nitrogen sensing, as described by Hua Zhang and co-workers on page 63. This issue features two VIP papers (based on referee evaluations). On page 43, Chang-Hsiao Chen, Cheng-Te Lin, Lain-Jong Li, and their co-workers demonstrate a novel method to prepare graphene-based nano-pipette transistors, and on page 154, Shouwu Guo and co-workers describe enzyme immobilization on chemically reduced graphene oxide.

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To conclude, I would like to thank our authors for their continued dedication and loyalty, our referees and editorial advisory board members who ensure that we maintain the highest of standards, and you, our readers, for your support.

I look forward to another successful year and to your next manuscript!

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