Graphene Metrology: Centimeter-Scale High-Resolution Metrology of Entire CVD-Grown Graphene Sheets (Small 18/2011)



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The image shows the segmented fluorescence quenching microscopy image of a large-area graphene sample fabricated via chemical vapor deposition. This new metrology technique allows identification of graphene layers over a large area by utilizing the fact that graphene quenches fluorescence through resonant energy transfer. Fluorescence quenching is visualized by spin-coating a dye-polymer mixture over the graphene sample. Fluorescence quenching contrast is controlled by setting the dye layer thickness. For few-layer graphene characterization, a 30-nm-thick dye layer is used. Once the fluorescence image is collected, histogram-based segmentation is used to identify individual graphene layers. This metrology technique is well suited for many industrial applications.