Fabrication of Flexible MoS2 Thin-Film Transistor Arrays for Practical Gas-Sensing Applications



By combining two kinds of solution-processable two-dimensional materials, a flexible transistor array is fabricated in which MoS2 thin film is used as the active channel and reduced graphene oxide (rGO) film is used as the drain and source electrodes. The simple device configuration and the 1.5 mm-long MoS2 channel ensure highly reproducible device fabrication and operation. This flexible transistor array can be used as a highly sensitive gas sensor with excellent reproducibility. Compared to using rGO thin film as the active channel, this new gas sensor exhibits much higher sensitivity. Moreover, functionalization of the MoS2 thin film with Pt nanoparticles further increases the sensitivity by up to ∼3 times. The successful incorporation of a MoS2 thin-film into the electronic sensor promises its potential application in various electronic devices.