Laser-Induced Direct Graphene Patterning and Simultaneous Transferring Method for Graphene Sensor Platform



General methods utilized in the fabrication of graphene devices involve graphene transferring and subsequent patterning of graphene via multiple wet-chemical processes. In the present study, a laser-induced pattern transfer (LIPT) method is proposed for the transferring and patterning of graphene in a single processing step. Via the direct graphene patterning and simultaneous transferring, the LIPT method greatly reduces the complexity of graphene fabrication while augmenting flexibility in graphene device design. Femtosecond laser ablation under ambient conditions is employed to transfer graphene/PMMA microscale patterns to arbitrary substrates, including a flexible film. Suspended cantilever structures are also demonstrated over a prefabricated trench structure via the single-step method. The feasibility of this method for the fabrication of functional graphene devices is confirmed by measuring the electrical response of a graphene/PMMA device under laser illumination.