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Covalently Stabilized Pd Clusters in Microporous Polyphenylene: An Efficient Catalyst for Suzuki Reactions Under Aerobic Conditions



A novel catalyst composed of a microporous polyphenylene network and covalently stabilized Pd clusters (Pd/MPP) for highly efficient Suzuki–Miyaura coupling is synthesized with an in-situ one-pot chemical approach, through the catalytic trimerization of 1,3,5-triethynylbenzene. The unique Pd/MPP cluster exhibits very high catalytic activity for a broad scope of Suzuki–Miyaura reactions with short reaction time, good yield, and high turnover number and turnover frequency values, even in aqueous media under aerobic conditions. The strong covalent interaction between Pd and MPP network prevents the agglomeration or leaching of Pd clusters and enables the catalyst to remain highly active, even after a number of cycles.