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Tunable Ionic Transport Control inside a Bio-Inspired Constructive Bi-Channel Nanofluidic Device



Inspired by the cooperative functions of the asymmetrical ion channels in living cells, a constructive bi-channel nanofluidic device that demonstrates the enhanced capability of multiple regulations over both the ion flux amount and the ionic rectification property is prepared. In this bi-channel system, the construction routes of the two asymmetric conical nanochannels provide a way to efficiently transform the nanodevice into four different functional working modes. In addition, the variation of external pH conditions leads the nanodevice to the uncharged, semi-charged and charged states, where the multistory ionic regulating function property is enhanced by the charged degree. This intelligent integration of the single functional nanochannels demonstrates a promising future for building more functional multi-channel integrated nanodevices as well as expands the functionalities of the bio-inspired smart nanochannels.