Alloy Nanocrystals: Kinetically Controlled Growth of Polyhedral Bimetallic Alloy Nanocrystals Exclusively Bound by High-Index Facets: Au–Pd Hexoctahedra (Small 5/2013)



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Manipulating the nanocrystal (NC) growth kinetics via control of the amount of reductant is the key synthetic lever to control the morphology of Au–Pd NCs. The alloys, which have a hexoctahedral structure enclosed exclusively by high-index {541} facets, are prepared on page 660 by S. W. Han and co-workers via the simultaneous reduction of Au and Pd precursors without seeds or additional metal ions as structure-regulating agents. These NCs exhibit higher catalytic performances toward the electro-oxidation of ethanol than Au–Pd alloy NCs bound by low-index facets.