Organic Nanocrystals: Atomically Flat, Large-Sized, Two-Dimensional Organic Nanocrystals (Small 7/2013)



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The charge-carrier transport process of perylene is simulated in a single crystal field-effect transistor on the molecular scale by H. Jiang, Y. Zhao, W. Hu, C. Kloc and co-workers. Charge carriers can be transported in different directions, resulting in anisotropy. Atomically-flat, large-sized, 2D organic nanocrystals can be obtained. Based on this ideal structure, 3D models of molecular packing of perylene are made to show possible charge-carrier transport directions. Both experiments and theoretical calculations on page 990 show that the preferred route of intermolecular transport is along the [001] direction, highlighted in the image with a beam of white light.