• bio-inspired;
  • multifunctional;
  • wettability;
  • superhydrophobic;
  • multiscale
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After millions of years of evolution, the peanut leaf could collect water from the foggy atmosphere to perfectly survive and adapt to the arid environment owing to its special structure and wettability. The peanut leaf shows high-adhesive superhydrophobicity, arising from the formation of the quasi-continuous and discontinuous three-phase contact line on the microscale and nanoscale. Furthermore, this highly-adhesive and superhydrophobic peanut leaf is proved to be efficient in fog capture. Inspired by the peanut leaf, K. Liu and co-workers report on page 294 the preparation of multifunctional surfaces with structural similarity to the natural peanut leaf, which exhibit simultaneous superhydrophobicity and high adhesion towards water.