MaD-WiSe: a distributed stream management system for wireless sensor networks



Wireless sensor networks (WSN) are composed of several sensors having limited memory, processing power, communication bandwidth, and energy, which cooperate in performing a given task. The use of the database paradigm has emerged in the last few years as a viable solution to manage data in such a context. In this paper we present the MaD-WiSe system, a distributed query processing framework that moves the processing of the query into the network. MaD-WiSe reconsiders various aspects related to database system design and it reinterprets them according to the WSN constraints and requirements. In particular it considers the aspects related to the definition of a query language to formalize the queries, a stream model to manage data acquired by the sensors, a query algebra to define the operators that actually perform the query, and energy efficiency and query optimization strategies for saving energy. Copyright © 2010 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.