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Flow Experience and Internet Shopping Behavior: Investigating the Moderating Effect of Consumer Characteristics


Kuo-Chien Chang, Department of Sports, Health and Leisure, Chihlee Institute of Technology, No. 313, Sec. 1, Wunhua Rd, Banciao City, Taipei County 220, Taiwan.



Researchers have recognized that flow is a constructive construct for elucidating consumer behavior in the context of computer-mediated environments. Accordingly, this paper endeavours to investigate the relationship between flow experience and Internet shopping behavior to which the moderating role of consumer characteristics (trust propensity, willingness to buy and self-confidence) is concerned. Data collected from 395 customers of an online shopping store provide support for the proposed research model. The results show that flow experience is significantly and positively related to Internet shopping behavior (continuance intention, purchase intention and impulsive buying). In addition, it also suggests that the relationship between flow experience and Internet shopping behavior is moderated by consumer characteristics. Specifically, when the extent of a customer's trust propensity, willingness to buy or self-confidence is relatively high, the influence of flow experience on Internet shopping behaviors is maximized. According to the findings, the implications and future research suggestions are provided. Copyright © 2011 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.