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Kiron System, an Integration of Living and Artificial Systems (Buildings Case)


Ernesto C. Curiel-Carias, Facultad de Arquitectura y Urbanismo, Universidad Central de Venezuela, Apartado postal: 89.748, Caracas 1083, Venezuela.



Simultaneously satisfying human and environmental demands requires overarching concepts to facilitate the conciliation of such demands. These concepts are particularly necessary in certain regions where, as a result of rapid population growth, a large demand for housing impinges upon vital and sensitive ecosystems. The object of the present paper is to focus on the building concept in natural and rarely disturbed environments. Starting with the organizational logic that underlies living systems, this paper proposes a new hierarchical level of organization or hypothetical Kiron System (KS) that lies between the ecosystem and the human biosystem. The hypothetical system would serve to reconcile the requirements of both systems. From within this new hierarchical level, it is possible to extract the entire concept of the artificial sub-system (the building) that would make such hypothetical system possible. Finally, the effects of this concept on the various functions of the building are analysed. Copyright © 2012 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.