The Model for Implementing Learning and Knowledge Building in the Extended Professional Community: A Case Study of Teachers’ Accreditation


Correspondence to: Kairit Tammets, Researcher, Tallinn University, Postal address: Narva road 25, 10120, Tallinn, Estonia.



Article introduces the model for implementing the technology-supported learning and knowledge building (LKB) framework for developing the simulated extended professional community in which Estonian teachers’ professional accreditation may be reorganized. A design-based participatory method was used involving the domain experts from the university and teacher's professional association to collaboratively design and validate the implementation model elements. We propose the cyclical implementation process model that integrates the activities of designing a suitable technology-supported LKB framework for an extended professional community. Three domain-experts from the university and the teacher's association and thirteen teachers were involved in launching the simulated extended professional community according to the implementation model. For model validation the focus-group interviews were conducted with the participants. We illustrate the implementation model phases using the narratives of the participants. As a result, we highlight some tips for practitioners who would like to support LKB in the extended professional community. Copyright © 2012 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.