Controlling Nozzle Clogging by Secondary Steelmaking Without Reheating



Ever since continuous casting was introduced, nozzle clogging has been a recurring subject of metallurgical research and publications. Nozzle clogging is caused by the deposition of non-metallic inclusions – on the casting equipment – which are solid at the temperature of casting. Calcium treatment already represents a possible solution to eliminate this phenomenon, but there are special steel grades which do not allow its application either because they are price sensitive or for certain other reasons.3 Cleaning the steel melt by agitation is an alternative solution, but it has time constraints due to the cooling of the melt. Over extensive cooling can be prevented by heating the melt (in ladle), but its introduction and operational costs per heat are often too high for an individual steelmaking plant to afford. The goal of our research is to find metallurgical solution to reduce the rate of nozzle clogging in plants which do not possess a ladle furnace and the time devoted to treatment or the price of the product do not allow Ca-treatment to be applied.