• continuous casting;
  • EMBr;
  • mold;
  • nail dipping;
  • turbulent flow


The nail dipping method was developed to investigate the effect of electromagnetic brake on the mold top surface flow in a certain slab caster with different casting speed and submerged entry nozzle (SEN) depth. The shape of the meniscus profile and direction of flow were quantified by analyzing the angular profile of the lump for each solidified nail, and the error evaluation for the nail dipping measurement was also determined. The results show that the meniscus level fluctuates with time variation; the electromagnetic force suppresses the high-speed flow and decreases the meniscus flow velocity, which makes the meniscus level flatter and slower. A stronger meniscus velocity and fluctuation were created by increasing casting speed and decreasing the SEN depth. Furthermore, the effect of magnetic field on the fluid flow in the mold has been investigated.