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Last year began with the unveiling of Steel Research International's new layout which not only gave the journal a thoroughly up-to-date image but also allows our authors to have their best work featured on the front cover. This has resulted in a year of striking, cover art from the world of steel research.

The new layout followed on of course from our efforts to make the journal more accessible both to online readers and to potential authors. Improved accessibility seems also to be driving year-on-year increases in submissions and, since we cannot publish anywhere near the number of submissions we receive each year, we have to be more and more selective in what we accept; acceptance rates of 30% or less are set to be the norm for 2013.

While much has been done to ensure Steel Research International continues to publish only the most original and forward-looking research, remember that each newly published article builds upon a large body of work that stretches back to the beginning of the 20th century. In 1927, the Verein deutsche Eisenhüttenleute launched Archiv für das Eisenhüttenwesen, which over several decades published much of the fundamental research in steel and related materials as the industry grew and matured. In 1985 it was retitled as Steel Research and relaunched in the English language before eventually becoming Steel Research International. As many of you will know, obtaining access to the earlier papers in Steel Research International is not always easy, and effectively impossible online. We have therefore begun a major project: To digitize and make available online all articles published between 1927 and 2008.

This will of course take some time, so while you wait you can keep up-to-date and receive sneak previews of historic articles from the backfiles at

In the meantime we endeavor to live up to the standards that were set several generations ago with today's publication, so that every issue of Steel Research International contains papers that are – or will someday be – useful to your own research and industry.

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Tim Adams

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Tim Adams

Editor, Steel Research International