Recrystallization Kinetic Behavior of Copper-Bearing Strip Cast Steel



In the present study, copper-bearing low carbon steels were produced by direct strip casting (DSC) method on a pilot scale. The effects of copper on mechanical, microstructural, and recrystallization behavior were investigated. As-cast microstructure mainly consists of polygonal ferrite and Widmanstatten ferrite. The increase in Cu increases the amount of Widmanstatten ferrite and induces the formation of bainite in the as-cast condition. It was found that copper increases strength and hardness by solid solution strengthening, grain refinement, and precipitation hardening and the increment is significant above 1% Cu in as-cast condition. Six different compositions were selected for recrystallization study. All the samples were cold rolled to 70% reduction and annealed at three different temperatures, 600, 650, and 700°C for various times. Recrystallization responses were strongly dependent on initial microstructure and Cu content and the effect is dramatic between 1 and 2% Cu. Recrystallization time and temperature were found to be increased with increase in copper content.