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New Evaluation Methods Discussion of Softening–Melting and Dropping Characteristic of BF Iron Bearing Burden



Based on the analysis of the existing evaluation methods and with the combination of the characteristic of cohesive zone characteristic in blast furnace (BF) and softening–melting and dropping experimental result of iron bearing burden, a new evaluation method of softening–melting and dropping characteristic of iron bearing burden was put forward, which can be used for evaluating various kinds of iron bearing burden. The softening–melting and dropping characteristics of the mixed burden and the high metalized burden are evaluated through the new method, which verified that the new method is reasonable and feasible. The results showed that the new method can judge not only the corresponding relation between the shrinking percentage and the unit charge column pressure drop, but also the influence of softening and melting temperature interval, melting temperature interval and dropping temperature interval on the softening–melting and dropping characteristic value of iron bearing burden. This new method is expected to provide technical guidance for BF smelting.