• mechanical properties;
  • metal forming process;
  • microstructure;
  • modeling;
  • simulation system

The utilization of modern simulation systems offers new ways for an environment- and resource-friendly research and development of materials and their production technologies. Nowadays, technological parameters, which are significantly influencing the material's behavior, such as temperature development and mechanical properties of a semi-finished product, can be analyzed and modified on screen. However, in order to describe these more and more complex processes, a holistic view on the entire process chain as well as on the interaction of several parameters is required. Recently, a simulation program for rolling processes has been developed at the Institute of Metal Forming at the TU Bergakademie Freiberg, which is supposed to be able to manage and to control production plants using rapid solution algorithms. This program also makes contribution to the design and concept of new materials, technologies, and plant configurations using a holistic approach.