Influence of the Microalloying Elements on the Temporary Inhibition of Static Recrystallization by Strain-Induced Precipitates



The kinetics of static recrystallization of austenite and its transitory inhibition by strain-induced precipitates have been characterized in several microalloyed steels with different compositions. This inhibition can be seen by the formation of “plateaus” in the curves of static recrystallization obtained from isothermal double-deformation tests. The influence of the type of microalloying element (Nb, V, Al) and the mean size of the precipitates on the duration time of the plateau of recrystallization inhibition has been studied and empirical relationships between these variables have been obtained. Al-steels present a much coarser particle size and a considerably shorter plateau compared to Nb and V-microalloyed steels.