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Analysis of Operation Parameters Affecting Hot Metal Temperature in COREX Process



Based on actual plant data, a statistical prediction model of COREX hot metal temperature has been developed to provide directions for its prediction and control by using correlation analysis. The hot metal temperature is influenced significantly by Si and S contents in hot metal, metallization, slag basicity, fuel rate, and ore consumption. A theoretical calculation model has been developed based on mass and heat balances to study the relationship between parameters and hot metal temperature quantitatively. The results show that for every 10 K increase in hot metal temperature, the tuyere oxygen volume, metallization, fuel rate, coke rate increase by 714.3 m3 h−1, 6.4%, 90.9 kg tHM−1, 29.4 kg tHM−1, respectively, while the coal rate decreases by 115.7 kg tHM−1.