• chemotherapy;
  • tegafur;
  • UFT


In 136 patients (115 males and 21 females) with advanced gastric cancer confirmed histologically, a regimen of high-dose mitomycin C plus tegafur or UFT was administered. Dosage of agents used and schedules were as follows: MMC 20 mg i.v. once a week up to a total of 60 mg, followed either by tegafur 600 mg/day p.o. to a total dosage of 20-40 g, or by UFT 450 mg/day p.o., to a total dosage of 30 g. Patients' ages ranged from 24 to 75 years. Of this series, 70 patients were deemed inoperable, 21 patients underwent nonradical surgical operation, and the other 45 patients had postoperative recurrent disease. Of the 136 patients, 78 achieved complete tumour remission (CR) (21/136) and partial remission (PR) (57/136), yielding a response rate of 57.4%. The median duration of remission and survival was 5.2 (range 2-16 + ) and 10.1 (range 3-48 +) months. The main side effects were leukopenia and thrombocytopenia. None of these patients had liver or kidney function damage. © 1994 Wiley-Liss, Inc.