Pathologic classification of soft tissue sarcomas


  • William J. Frable MD

    Corresponding author
    1. Department of Pathology, Division of Surgical Cytopathology, Virginia Commonwealth University, Health Sciences Division, Medical College of Virginia, Richmond, Virginia
    • Division of Surgical Pathology, Medical College of Virginia, 5th Floor, RM 5021, 1101 East Marshall Street, Richmond, VA 23219
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A number of immunological markers and chromosomal abnormalities are described to aid in the diagnosis, prognosis and management of soft tissue sarcomas. Although the chromosomal abnormalities may be specific in some cases, they have only been reported in small series or single cases and their significance has not yet been established. None of the immunological markers described is either entirely specific or sensitive for a particular tumor type, and virtually none of these immunological reagents is currently approved for diagnostic use despite their widespread applications in pathology. They function in a supporting role to conventional tissue pathology, grading, and pathological and clinical staging of soft tissue sarcomas. Antibodies employed as an aid in diagnosis of soft tissue tumors should always be run in panels and never as single tests. New immunological markers and chromosomal abnormalities in soft tissue sarcomas should be carefully evaluated for their specificity and sensitivity and their usefulness in diagnosis and prognosis. © 1994 Wiley-Liss, Inc.