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Physicochemical, crystallinity, pasting and thermal properties of heat-moisture-treated pinhão starch



The effect of heat-moisture treatment (HMT) on the properties of pinhão starches under different moisture and heat conditions was investigated. The starches were adjusted to 15, 20 and 25% moisture levels and heated to 100, 110 and 120°C for 1 h. The X-ray diffractograms, swelling power, solubility, gel hardness, pasting properties and thermal properties of the native and HMT pinhão starches were evaluated. Compared to native starch, there was an increase in the X-ray intensity and gel hardness of HMT starches, with the exception of the 25% moisture-treated and 120°C heat-treated starch. HMT reduced the swelling power and solubility of the pinhão starches when compared to native starch. There was an increase in the pasting temperature, final viscosity and setback and a decrease in the peak viscosity and breakdown of HMT pinhão starches compared to native starch. HMT increases the gelatinisation temperature of native pinhão starch and reduces gelatinisation enthalpy.

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