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STEM_1075_sm_SuppFig1.tif1172KSupplementary Figure 1. Flow cytometric analysis of P-cadherin expression in the subpopulations defined by CD49f/CD24 expression in a panel of luminal and basal breast cell lines. In all cell lines indicated (except BT-20), the quadrant CD49f+/CD24+ showed a higher P-cadherin expression. * indicates ≤ 1,5% of the total population.
STEM_1075_sm_SuppFig2.tif749KSupplementary Figure 2. Overall survival and univariate analysis (log-rank test) of patients with breast carcinomas, according to the expression of CD44 (A), CD24 (B), CD49f (C) and ALDH1 (D). Expression of CD44, CD49f or ALDH1 alone do not show any prognostic value. However, although expression of CD24 alone has not reached significance, there is a tendency for CD24- cases to have a worse prognosis than CD24+ cases (p=0.073).
STEM_1075_sm_SuppFig3.pdf307KSupplementary Figure 3. Immunohistochemical representation of CD44, P-cadherin and CD49f showing positivity for the three stem cell markers in the same breast carcinoma case.
STEM_1075_sm_SuppFig4.tif898KSupplementary Figure 4. Hoechst-33342 stain of the cell cycle profile in the basal cell lines MCF10A, BT-20 and BT-549 revealed that inhibition of P-cadherin did not affect the proliferative phase of the cell cycle (G2M).
STEM_1075_sm_SuppTab1.tif334KSupplementary Table 1. Patient and tumor parameters of the series of 466 primary invasive breast carcinomas.
STEM_1075_sm_SuppTab2.tif352KSupplementary Table 2. Association between the expression of P-cadherin, CD44, CD24, CD49f and ALDH1 and the major breast cancer molecular subtypes. There is a statistically significant association between positive expression for P-cadherin, CD44, CD49f and ALDH1 and the basal-like molecular subtype.
STEM_1075_sm_SuppTab3.tif807KSuplementary Table 3. Multivariate Cox proportional hazard analysis (for overall patient survival), with models including the classical prognostic factors in breast cancer (tumor size, nodal status and histological grade), for P-cadherin, CD44, CD24, CD49f and ALDH1 expression. P-cadherin expression appears as an independent factor of worse prognosis, whereas expression of CD24 is an independent factor of good breast cancer patient prognosis.

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