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SC_11-0119_sm_supplFigure1.pdf194KFigure S1: IGF-II restores neurosphere number while a combination of both IGF-I and IGF-II restores normal growth. A,B,C,D. Secondary neurospheres were dissociated and grown in media with 4.4 μM or 4.4 nM insulin with EGF at 20 ng/mL. A,B. Medium was supplemented with 2 doses of IGF-I, KD (2 nM) and 8x KD (15 nM). C,D. Medium was supplemented with 2 doses of IGF-II, KD (15 nM) and 8x KD (30 nM). Cells were cultured 6 DIV to enable sphere formation. Sphere volume (A,C) and number (B,D) was quantified with results expressed as means ± SEM. Significant difference determined by ANOVA followed by TUKEY's post hoc p<0.05, a,b,c,d denotes groups.
SC_11-0119_sm_supplTable1.pdf10KSupplementary Table 1

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