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SC_11-0998_sm_supplFigure1.pdf461KSupplemental Figure 1: Modified TIMI frame counts methodology. A modified TIMI frame count was calculated as the difference in image frame needed for opacification on the X-ray angiogram at the popliteal-saphenous bifurcation distal to the superficial femoral artery (SFA) occlusion between the non-ischemic right (dashed arrow) and ischemic left (solid line arrow) side.
SC_11-0998_sm_supplFigure2.pdf433KSupplemental Figure 2: Distal deep femoral artery diameter measurements a-d: The diameters of distal deep femoral arteries (DDFA) in the left (black arrow) and right (white arrow) limb were measured prior to left superficial femoral artery (SFA) occlusion in animals that received capsules with (a) and without MSCs (c). At two weeks after occlusion, the left DDFA increased in diameter relative to baseline (black arrow), but no difference was seen in diameter between animals receiving microencapsulated MSCs (b) and empty microcapsules (d).

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