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SC-11-0972_sm_SupplFig1.tif324KSupplemental Figure 1: Experimental setup of the ultrasound-guided pFUS treatment and the location of each element.
SC-11-0972_sm_SupplFig2.tif259KSupplemental Figure 2: Characterization of cultured BMSC by flow cytometry. BMSC were positive for CD29, CD73, CD44, CD90, and CD 105, and negative for CD34.
SC-11-0972_sm_SupplFig3.tif2486KSupplemental Figure 3: Immunofluorescence staining clearly distinguishes between F4/80- positive macrophages (green) and HuMito-positive BMSC (red). Blue represents nuclear staining by DAPI.
SC-11-0972_sm_SupplFig4.tif1710KSupplemental Figure 4: Histological evaluation of the treated and control kidneys by H&E, PAS, and Trichrome. Tissues appear normal up to day 7 after treatment. Scale bars represent 50 μm.
SC-11-0972_sm_SupplFig5.tif168KSupplemental Figure 5: Assessment of renal function by blood urea nitrogen (BUN) and serum creatinine in mice treated with pFUS alone or followed by BMSC infusion, and naϊve controls. BUN and serum creatinine were similar among the three groups at all time points. (n = 6 per time point).
SC-11-0972_sm_SupplMethods.pdf42KSupplemental Data
SC-11-0972_sm_SupplTable1.pdf73KSupplemental Table 1
SC-11-0972_sm_SupplTable2.pdf73KSupplemental Table 2
SC-11-0972_sm_SupplTable3.pdf36KSupplemental Table 3

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