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SC-11-1057_sm_SupplTable1.pdf86KSupplementary Table 1
SC-11-1057_sm_SupplTable2.pdf30KSupplementary Table 2
SC-11-1057_sm_SupplTable3.pdf27KSupplementary Table 3
SC-11-1057_sm_SupplFig1.tif83KSupplementary Fig. 1 EPO-producing cells are located in similar areas to those in native kidney. Human bone marrow-derived MSCs bearing the LacZ gene, which were injected into NOD/SCID mice with B6 metanephroi in their omentum were located in the same area as in native kidney. Left: Immunohistochemical examination of EPO-producing cells in native rat kidney. Right: X-gal assay of a well-differentiated area of implanted metanephroi in the NOD/SCID mouse.
SC-11-1057_sm_SupplFig2.tif74KSupplementary Fig. 2
SC-11-1057_sm_movie1.mpg3052KSupplementary Movie 1
SC-11-1057_sm_movie2.mpg3028KSupplementary Movie 2

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