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SC_11-1195_sm_supplFigure1.tif1643KFig. S1. CD24/CD44 expression in breast CSCs and non-CSCs.
SC_11-1195_sm_supplFigure2.tif1720KFig. S2 (A) HMLERshTRL and HMLERshECAD cells were mixed at a ratio about 1:1 and plated in 6- well plates. After incubation with DMSO or PS (30 μM) for 7 days as in Methods, cells were stained for CD24/CD44 and analyzed by flow cytometry. (B) HMLERshTRL and HMLERshECAD cells were treated with DMSO or PS (15 or 30 μM) for 7 days, and labeled with BrdU for 30 min. BrdU incorporation and PI staining were then analyzed by flow cytometry. (C) Cell proliferation was determined by using CellTiter-Blue assay after PS treatment.
SC_11-1195_sm_supplFigure3.tif339KFig. S3. (A) Expression levels of E-cadherin and vimentin were determined by immunoblot after TGFβ1 induced EMT. (B) Expression levels of E-cadherin and vimentin in HMLER cells treated with TGFβ1 and /or PS.
SC_11-1195_sm_supplFigure4.pdf947KFig. S4. (A) Nuclear β-catenin levels in HMLERTGFβ1 cells treated with PS determined by immunoblotting. Loading control: histone H3. (B) Immunofluorescence images of HMLERshTRL and HMLERshECAD cells treated as shown for 24 h. Upper row: staining with PI visualizes the nuclei. Middle row: Staining with an anti-β-catenin mAb. (C) HMLERTGFβ1 cells were transfected with indicated siRNA (20 nM). At 60 h after transfection, cells were stained for CD24/CD44 and analyzed by flow cytometry. (D & E)The inhibition of PS on β-catenin signaling pathway was determined by immunoblot and immunofluorescence in MDA-MB-321 cells.
SC_11-1195_sm_supplFigure5.tif214KFig. S5. Real-time PCR result of snail expression in HMLER cells.
SC_11-1195_sm_supplFigure6.pdf814KFig. S6. Expression/localization of β-catenin, vimentin and ALDH1 were detected by immunofluorescence in MDA-MB-231 xenografts.

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