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SC_12-0134_sm_supplFigure1.tif442KSupplementary Figure 1 Mdx nude mice, whose hind legs were untreated (n=3) or irradiated with 18 Gy (n=5) or 25 Gy (n=5), had both TA muscles removed either on the same day as irradiation (day 0) (n=1, 2 and 3 respectively), or 3 days later (n=1, 2 and 3 respectively). The graph depicts the percentage of CD45+ and CD31+ area found in each case. No significant difference was detected.
SC_12-0134_sm_supplFigure2.pdf103KSupplementary Figure 2 Self-renewal of donor My5nLacZ/+ satellite cells within host muscles injured in different ways. (a) X-gal staining of whole muscle grafts showed β-gal expressing satellite cells aligned within muscle fibres. Magnifications: 3.2X. (b) Magnified areas highlight donor satellite cell distribution and density along the muscle fibres; donor satellite cells are clearly far more numerous within irradiated host muscles. Magnification: 10X. The incidence of muscles containing donor-derived satellite cells was 5/10 in irradiated, 3/8 in BaCl2-treated, 4/12 in cardiotoxin-treated, 1/8 in notexin-injected muscles and 2/4 in non-treated muscles. We found donor derived satellite cells in ∼36% (15 out of 42) of grafts with no evidence to reject the assumption that different treatments have different efficiencies (Fisher's exact test, p=0.5627).
SC_12-0134_sm_supplFigure3.tif744KSupplementary Figure 3 Heat map display of data collected from cytokine array on irradiated and non-irradiated mdx nude muscles. Proteins extracted from TA muscles of 3 week old mice, irradiated either 3 days before, or on the same day as, analysis were compared to protein extracted from non-treated TA muscles. Analysis was performed on male and female mice (n=2 in each group).
SC_12-0134_sm_supplFigure4.tif452KSupplementary Figure 4 Partial refilling of the niche by radiation-resistant satellite cells. 3 week old mdx nude mice had their TA muscles either irradiated (IRR 4weeks) (n=6), or notexin injected immediately after irradiation (IRR+NTX 4weeks) (n=6), or non-treated (n=6) and removed 4 weeks later. The graph shows quantification of satellite cell number per fibre performed on transverse muscle sections immunostained with Pax7 and laminin antibody. Satellite cell number was significantly lower in treated compared to non-treated muscles, but, there were significantly more satellite cells in IRR+NTX 4weeks than in IRR 4weeks TA muscles. (***p<0.001, * p< 0.05).

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