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SC-12-0123_sm_SupplFigure1.tif1749KFigure S1. Knockdown of TBX3 does not affect human ESC pluripotency or cell proliferation. (A) Knockdown of TBX3 in human ESCs did not affect colony morphology. (B) Quantitative RT-PCR analysis of pluripotency markers, OCT4 and NANOG. (Control H9 cells =1.0) TBX3 knockdown did not significantly affect OCT4 or NANOG expression. (C) Knockdown of TBX3 did not affect cell proliferation. Mitotic index was calculated as described previously for the over-expression studies. (D) Quantification of neural rosettes in control and TBX3 knockdown cell lines using a defined neuroepithelial differentiation protocol. The loss of TBX3 expression coincided with a significant loss in neural rosette formation.*, p<0.05.

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