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sc-12-0382_sm_SupplFigure1.TIF61KSupplementary Figure 1. Semi-quantitative PCR analysis of genes associated with GLUT-4 membrane translocation: Hexokinase II, Snap47 Flot1 and Vamp7. The mean ± SD of four different samples of epSPC treated with FM19G11 (500 nM) or its vehicle (DMSO) for 48 h are represented. Gene expression was normalized to the housekeeping gene 18S.
sc-12-0382_sm_SupplFigure2.TIF99KSupplementary Figure 2. FM19G11 induces AKT/mTOR and AMPK phosphorylation in human skeletal muscle (hSKM) and white adipocytes (hWAdip) cells. Treatment of FM19G11 (500 nM) induced phosphorylation in a time-response manner in both cell types when compared with non-treated cells. β-actin was used as loading control.
sc-12-0382_sm_SupplTable1.TIF66KSupplemental Table 1.
sc-12-0382_sm_Supplvideo.wmv2982KSupplementary Video. Video-based motion analysis for BBB evaluation is shown for a representative animal of the DMSO or FM19G11-treated group four weeks after SCI.

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