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sc-12-0544_sm_SupplData.pdf457KSupplementary Data
sc-12-0544_sm_SupplTable1.pdf47KSupplementary Table 1
sc-12-0544_sm_SupplFigure1.tif495KSupplemental Figure 1. Increased population cycling in early passage CPCeP and CPCs isolated from 13 month old hearts and infected with Pim-1, related to Figure 1. A. Cyquant assay performed on CPCe and CPCeP passage 5 (P5) and measured at 4, 6, 24, and 30 hours after plating. B. Cyquant assay performed on isolated older CPCs infected with lentivirus overexpressing GFP (OCPCe) or Pim-1 (OCPCeP). #p=0.09 vs. OCPCe day 3, *p<0.05 vs. OCPCe day 5.
sc-12-0544_sm_SupplFigure2.tif861KSupplemental Figure 2. Western blots from quantitations in text, related to Figures 2 and 4. A-C. Immunoblots of CPCe and CPCeP at varying passages and probed using antibodies against the indicated proteins. + indicates whole lysates from Hela cells, e is CPCe and eP is CPCeP. ++ Indicates whole cell lysates from CPCs infected with lentivirus overexpressing TERT
sc-12-0544_sm_SupplFigure3.tif67KSupplement Figure 3. Telomere lengthening in CPCeP is dependent on TERT activity, related to Figure 3. A-D. Early passage CPCs treated with either DMSO or telomerase inhibitor (MST-312, 1μM).
sc-12-0544_sm_SupplFigure4.tif154KSupplemental Figure 4. Pim-1 interacts with TERT in CPCePs, related to Figure 5. A. Pim-1 and TERT interactions demonstrated by PLA for Pim-1 and TERT (red). B. Coimmunoprecipitation of Pim-1 and TERT. C PLA performed on CPCeP without primary antibodies; this control was performed with every assay to confirm specific staining. D and E. PLAs of Pim-1 and TERT (red), Pim-1 and pS/pT and Tert (red) in CPCeP treated with Pim-1 inhibitor, Quercetagetin (Q, 10μM for 24 hours). F. Pim-1 expression knocked down with a Pim-1 specific siRNA. Lane 1 is CPCeP, lane 2 is CPCe+ siPim- 1, and lane 3 is CPCeP +siPim-1. G and H. PLAs of Pim-1 and TERT (red) and pS/pT and Tert CPCeP treated with siPim-1.
sc-12-0544_sm_SupplFigure5.tif237KSupplemental Figure 5. TERT expression and DNA incorporation after Dox treatment, related to Figure 7. A. Immunoblots of CPCe and CPCeP treated with Dox and probed for indicated antibodies + indicates whole cell Hela lysates. B. DNA synthesis measured by BrdU incorporation in DOX treated and untreated CPCs. $ p<0.05 vs untreated CPCe.

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