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sc-12-0342_sm_SupplFigure1.TIF1097KFigure S1. Mitochondrial morphology in cultured cortical neurons (8 days in culture). The primary cortical neurons were co-transfected with plasmid eGFP and mt-Dred. Mitochondria are distributed throughout dendrites of the cell, with particularly large numbers of mitochondria in the cell body Bar = 20 μm.
sc-12-0342_sm_SupplFigure2.tif919KFigure S2. Reduction of SO flash incidence under 5% O2 promotes NPCs proliferation. (A): SO flash incidence (percentage of cells with superoxide flash activity within 3 minutes of time-lapse imaging) plotted as percentage of control condition mean value (n = 3 separate experiments). *p<0.05 and **p<0.001compared to the control value. (B, C): Results of quantification of neurosphere number (B) and diameter size (C) in cultures maintained for 6 d under 21% O2 or 5% O2. (D): quantitative analysis of proliferation index (BrdU+ cells/total cells) in dissociated NPC cultures treated for 24 h under 21% O2 or 5% O2. Values are expressed as a percentage of the mean of the control condition (n = 3 separate experiments) *p<0.05, **p<0.001.
sc-12-0342_sm_SupplMovie1.avi27301KSupplementary Movie 1
sc-12-0342_sm_SupplMovie2.avi67082KSupplementary Movie 2
sc-12-0342_sm_SupplMovie3.avi61856KSupplementary Movie 3
sc-12-0342_sm_SupplMovie4.avi78003KSupplementary Movie 4

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