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sc-12-0599_sm_SupplMaterial1.pdf25KSupplemental Material 1. Donor demographics.
sc-12-0599_sm_SupplMaterial2.pdf42KSupplemental Material 2. Primer sets used in amplification of ASC mRNA regions.
sc-12-0599_sm_SupplMaterial3.pdf265KSupplemental Material 3. RT-PCR analyses of MMP, TIMP, calpain, and calpastatin from different ASC populations. RNA was extracted from ASCs primed with breast cancer conditioned media. Analysis of RNA expression of ASCs was analyzed by gel electrophoresis. β-actin is shown as a standard reference. Primer sets are listed in Supplemental Material 2.
sc-12-0599_sm_SupplMaterial4.pdf448KSupplemental Material 4. Quantification of RT-PCR analyses of MMP, TIMP, calpain, and calpastatin. Densitometry was performed on RT-PCR gel electrophoresis and represented as a ratio relative to β-actin. Bars, ± SD. *P < .05.
sc-12-0599_sm_SupplMaterial5.pdf263KSupplemental Material 5. Western blot analyses ASCs isolated from 24 donors for MMP-15, calpain-4, and calpastatin expression. Protein lysate was isolated from ASCs isolated from 24 donors and primed with breast cancer conditioned media. Where indicated, samples isolated from donors with the same obesity status or depot site were pooled together for analysis. A total of 20 μg of protein was separated by SDS-PAGE under reducing conditions, blotted, and probed for MMP-15, calpain-4, and calpastatin. Bars, ± SD. *P < .05

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