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sc-12-0416_sm_SupplFigure1.tif2868KFigure S1. Cytotoxic effect of 3-BrOP and BCNU on serum-induced GSC23 cells. The glioma stem cells (GSC23) were first induced to undergo differentiation by exposure to serum (10% FBS, 5 days). The effect of 3-BrOP, BCNU, or their combination on the serum-induced cells was then tested under hypoxia (2% oxygen for 24 h). Cell viability was measured by annexin-V/PI double-staining followed by flow cytometry analysis. The number (%) in each panel shows the percent of viable cells (annexin-V/PI double-negative).
sc-12-0416_sm_SupplFigure2.tif2362KFigure S2. Proliferation of GSC11, CSC23, U87, and NHA cells. (A) Cell growth curves of GSC11, serum-induced GSC11, GSC23, and serum-induced GSC23 cells. (B) Doubling time of GSC11, serum-induced GSC11, GSC23, serum-induced GSC23, U87 cells, and normal human astrocytes (NHA).

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