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sc-12-0887_sm_supplFigure1.tif2795KSupplement Figure 1. Illustration of a cut end plane of a sphere that is formed by clones of an HSC in bone marrow and specification of simulation area. A. Black and white ellipsoids denote clones and HSC on the plane, respectively. B. Two-dimensional simulation area (30mm×30mm) contains several commitment planes (grayed circles). An enlarged view of the simulation area is shown on the right side, in which each cell (filled circle) is located on a coordinate grid.
sc-12-0887_sm_supplFigure2.pdf944KSupplement Figure 2. Specification of mosaic-like hematopoietic environment. A. AM, AE, AB and AT denote size of their commitment areas of M, E, B and T, respectively. B. Total AM, Total AE, Total AB and Total AT denote summation of all commitment areas of M, E, B and T in whole simulation area, respectively. C. Illustration of variable mosaic-like patterns generated by changing area ratio (AR), total area ratio (TAR) and scaling factor (SF). Twelve patterns out of 112 are shown. 17
sc-12-0887_sm_supplFigure3a.pdf1296KSupplement Figure 3. Histograms regarding all 112 mosaic patterns. The horizontal and vertical axes denote clone pattern (METB, MET, MEB, MTB, ETB, ME, MT, MB, ET, EB, TB, M, E, B and T starting from the left) and count. The title specifies a combination of area ratio (AR), scaling factor (SF) and total area ratio (TAR), and the parenthetic value denotes sum of squared differences (SSD). A histogram with the SSD less than 0.5 has a red-colored title, and in addition if it contains a set of clone types that was found experimentally, it is highlighted with red-colored background.
sc-12-0887_sm_supplFigure3b.pdf1305KSupplement Figure 3b
sc-12-0887_sm_supplFigure4.pdf1070KSupplement Figure 4. The selected 17 mosaic patterns. The title specifies a combination of AR, SF and TAR as well as Simulation-method Figure 3.
sc-12-0887_sm_supplFigure5.pdf784KSupplement Figure 5. Initial HSC positions on Supplementary Movies.
sc-12-0887_sm_supplTable1.tif104KSupplement Table 1
sc-12-0887_sm_supplTable2.tif135KSupplement Table 2
sc-12-0887_sm_supplTable3.tif183KSupplement Table 3
sc-12-0887_sm_supplMovie.pdf32KSupplement Movie Legends
sc-12-0887_sm_supplMovie_1.mov416KMovie S1. Results as described in the supplementary note_Supplementary_Movie_1_for lineage type of METB.
sc-12-0887_sm_supplMovie_2.mov467KMovie S2. Results as described in the supplementary note_Supplementary_Movie_2_for lineage type of MET.
sc-12-0887_sm_supplMovie_3.mov482KMovie S3. Results as described in the supplementary note_Supplementary_Movie_3_for lineage type of MEB.
sc-12-0887_sm_supplMovie_4.mov420KMovie S4. Results as described in the supplementary note_Supplementary_Movie_4_for lineage type of ME.
sc-12-0887_sm_supplMovie_5.mov344KMovie S5. Results as described in the supplementary note_Supplementary_Movie_5_for lineage type of M.
sc-12-0887_sm_SupplementaryFigureLegends.pdf11KSupplement Figure Legends
sc-12-0887_sm_Supplementary_Note_katagiri.pdf169KSupplement Note

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