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sc-12-0770_sm_SupplTable1.tiff499KTable S1 Results of in vitro fertilization using Lin28 +/+, +/−, and −/− sperm and wild type eggs. N=2-3. Numbers represent mean + SEM. Related to Fig. 5.
sc-12-0770_sm_SupplFigure1.tiff1667KFig. S1. Targeted generation of a Lin28a null allele. (A) Genomic map of the Lin28a locus and Lin28a targeting construct. PCR primer positions and sequences for genotyping are shown. (B) Western blot showing Lin28a expression in Lin28a +/− and −/− ESCs. (C) PCR genotyping showing wild type (wt) and deleted (null) alleles. This strain (Strain 1) differs from the other strain we reported previously (Zhu et al., 2011; Strain 2) in that we used different vector backbones and the Neo cassette remains within the Lin28a allele of Strain 2. Related to Experimental procedures.

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