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sc-12-0933_sm_SupplFigure1.tif136KS Figure 1. Video-EEG recording of a control mouse. Age-matched control mouse showed no seizure activity. The traces shown are the differential signal between each electrode pair (RF - right front electrode; LF - left front; RB –right back; LB – left back; positions relative to Bregma and midline). Scale bar=1 second.
sc-12-0933_sm_SupplFigure2.tif1636KSupplementary Figure 2. Id2 is not sufficient to induce premature gliogenesis in FID2;Nestin-cre mice. Antibody staining against GFAP (green) and OLIG2 (red) show no ectopic expression in the transgenic cortex at E15.5.
sc-12-0933_sm_SupplFigure3.pdf1263KSupplementary Figure 3. Id2 expression in committed neural progenitors does not change proliferation or survival. (A) A schematic for generating FID2;Neurogenin1-cre embryos. (B) Robust transgene expression, detected by antibody staining against GFP, in intermediate progenitors and differentiating neurons in the transgenic cortex at E15.5. (c) FID2;Neuro1-cre brains are not microcephalic at p20. (D) H&E staining of E15.5 control and FiD2;Neurogenin1-cre littermate cortices shows no observable morphological phenotype. (E) SOX2, (F) TBR2, and (G) TBR1 antibody staining also shows no significant differences between control and littermate transgenic embryos at E15.5. (H) Cleaved Caspase3 staining shows no change in expression, indicating that ectopic ID2 expression in progenitor cells do not induce apoptosis.
sc-12-0933_sm_SupplFigure4.tif83KSupplementary Figure 4. Realtime RT-PCR analysis of FID2;GFAP-cre cortices at E13.5 Realtime RT-PCR validation of selected genes from the microarray analysis and other G1-S regulators and p53 targets (n=5).
sc-12-0933_sm_SupplFigure5.tif1157KSupplementary Figure 5. P53 is activated in FID2;GFAP-cre cortex at E15.5 Antibody staining against p53 shows stabilization of p53 the protein in the transgenic cortex
sc-12-0933_sm_SupplFigure6.tif1978KSupplementary Figure 6. Astrocytoma in FID2;GFAP-cre;p53−/− express markers of gliomas. GFAP and PCNA staining confirm glioma formation in FID2;GFAPcre; p53−/− brain shown in Figure 7B.
sc-12-0933_sm_SupplTable.pdf80KSupplementary Table 1
sc-12-0933_sm_SuppInfor.pdf10KSupplementary Data

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