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sc-12-0998_sm_SupplMethods.pdf82KSupplementary Data
sc-12-0998_sm_SupplFigure1.tif2027KSupplementary Figure 1. Identification of stem cell properties of hPDLSCs. (A): hPDLSCs were positive for STRO-1, CD146, CD90, SSEA-4, OCT-4 and CD73. (B): To detect osteogenic differentiation, calcification of the extracellular matrix was checked at the 5 day by alkaline phosphatase (ALP) staining and at the 14 day by via von Kossa staining. Oil red O staining was used to identify lipid-laden fat cells. (C): TO detect the purify of B cells, positively selected cells contained on average 93.28% B cells, as assessed by flow cytometric analysis with a CD19 PE monoclonal antibody.
sc-12-0998_sm_SupplFigure2.tif2508KSupplementary Figure 2. B cells in periodontal tissues 12 weeks after PDLSCs treatment. 12 weeks post-transplantation, more B cells were found in the control group (A) and HA/βTCP group (B), and a fewer B cells were observed in autologous (C) and allogeneic (D) group, and CD146 positive cells showed a contrary trend. B cells were stained using anti-CD19 antibody, bar = 50μm.
sc-12-0998_sm_SupplFigure3.tif1481KSupplementary Figure 3. Soluble factors determination in supernatants. (A-H) The results showed that there were no significant differences on the concentrations of PGE2, IL-2, IL-4, IL-10, IL-12p70, TNFα, IFNγ and TGFβ in the supernatants at the first day, the second day and the third day. (I) The proliferation index of stimulated B cells from miniature pigs was significantly higher than B cells co-cultured with both autologous and allogeneic PDLSCs (*P < 0.01 ). There was no difference between autologous and allogeneic group.
sc-12-0998_sm_SupplTable1.tif961KSupplementary Table 1. Routine blood and biochemical tests in the swine experiments. (A, B): There were no significant differences on routine blood and biochemical tests in whole blood in allogeneic groups based on the analysis of the samples after transplantation at different time points.

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