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stem1655-sup-0001-supptbl1.doc38KTable S1. Real time RT-PCR primer sequences
stem1655-sup-0002-supptbl2.doc252KTable S2. Gene ontology of Biological Processes for location-specific crypt genes
stem1655-sup-0003-suppfig1.tif16502KSupplementary Figure 1. Addition of WNT3A to murine organoid cultures induces proliferation and inhibits differentiation. Murine organoids derived from duodenum, jejunum and ileum were grown for 2 weeks and then incubated with or without WNT3A for 7 days. (A) qRT-PCR for Gata4, Sis (sucrase isomaltase) and Slc10a2 (ASBT). Data from two independent experiments were normalized to Gapdh housekeeping mRNA levels and are represented as fold induction relative to cultures without WNT ± SEM; ***p < 0.005. (B) Differential interference contrast (DIC) pictures of the organoid cultures in presence or absence of WNT for 7 days after splitting. Original magnification 10x.
stem1655-sup-0004-suppfig2.tif32941KSupplementary Figure 2. Differential interference contrast (DIC) pictures from human duodenum organoid cultures. Organoids were generated from human duodenal biopsies and maintained in expansion medium (EM) for 7 weeks. Differentiation was induced by incubation in differentiation medium (DM) for 5 days.

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