Additional supporting information available online.

STEM_223_sm_suppinfofigS1A-C.jpg222KFig. S1 - Generation and Characterization of NG-reporter ES cell clones
STEM_223_sm_suppinfofigS2A-C.jpg329KSupplemental Fig. S2 - Embryonic germ cell derivation from NG4 cells
STEM_223_sm_suppinfofigfigS2D.jpg247KSupporting Information
STEM_223_sm_suppinfofigfigS3A-D.jpg355KSupplemental Fig. S3 - Confirmation of knockdown in mESCs.
STEM_223_sm_suppinfofigfigS4A-C.jpg283KFig. S4 - Additional images of H3K9me3 stained mESCs.
STEM_223_sm_suppinfofigfigS5.jpg267KSupplemental Fig. S5 - Chromatin compaction at the Nanog in RA-treated mESCs
STEM_223_sm_suppinfofigS6A-C.jpg259KSupplemental Fig. S6 - Chromatin immunoprecipitation studies in ZHBTc4 cells.
STEM_223_sm_suppinfofigS6D.jpg227KSupporting Information
STEM_223_sm_suppinfotable.txt51KSupplemental Table 1 - RNA shRNA library used in this study
STEM_223_sm_suppinfo.doc47KSupporting Information

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