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STEM_544_sm_suppinfofigureS1.tif3095KFigure S1. MSC or its conditioned medium has antimicrobial activity against gram-positive bacteria. (A) MSC directly inhibits S.aureus growth after 6 hr co-incubation. MSC or NHLF were incubated with live S.aureus Newman strain for 6 hr. Bacterial growth was assessed by CFU counts. *P<0.003 vs. RPMI, √ p<0.0004 vs. NHLF by ANOVA (Bonferroni), n = 4. (B) The conditioned medium (CM) of MSC or NHLF with or without prior stimulation with live S.aureus was examined for antimicrobial activity. MSC CM after stimulation with S.aureus inhibited bacterial growth by 46% whereas CM from NHLF did not have a significant effect. Data are mean CFU ± SD, * P<0.002 vs. RPMI, √ p<0.0001 vs. NHLF CM (S.aureus stimulated) by ANOVA (Bonferroni), n = 4. Abbreviations: MSC, mesenchymal stem cells; NHLF, normal human lung fibroblasts; CFU, colony forming units; RPMI, RPMI-1640 medium.
STEM_544_sm_suppinfofigureS2.tif3049KFigure S2. Intra-tracheal administration of anti-LL 37 antibody alone had no effect in mouse E.coli pneumonia. (A) Administration of an anti-LL-37 neutralizing antibody (10 μg), as well as mouse IgG isotype antibody, did not change bacterial clearance in the BAL fluid compared to PBS treated mice. Values are mean CFU ± SD, n = 9. (B) Administration of neither anti-LL-37 antibody, nor mouse IgG isotype antibody, did not alter the antimicrobial activity of mouse BAL, compared to PBS treated mice. BAL samples were incubated with E.coli (105 CFU/ml) for 2 hr, and CFU growth was counted. Data are mean CFU ± SD, n = 8-9. Abbreviations: MSC, mesenchymal stem cells; BAL, bronchoalveolar lavage.

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