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STEM_574_sm_suppinfovideo1.mp46219KSupplemental Movie-1 One week after co-culture with murine cardiomyocytes video images were collected by fluorescent microscope. In control BM-MSCs, the EGFP-positive cells were passively stretched by surrounding murine cardiomyocytes. On the other hand, in the pioglitazone-pretreated BM-MSCs, the EGFP-positive cardiomyocytes beat spontaneously. Since the cell body was getting thicker during spontaneous beating, EGFP-signals were getting brighter during contraction in the fluorescent images.
STEM_574_sm_suppinfovideo2.mp410896KSupplemental Movie-2 Fluorescent microscopic image of the pioglitazone-pretreated BM-MSCs at 3 days, 5 days, and 7 days after the start of co-culture are shown. At 3 days after the start EGFP-positive cells were rarely beating; however, as a function of time the after start of co-culture, significant number of EGFP-positive cells beat spontaneously.
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