Additional supporting information available online.

STEM_579_sm_suppinfoFigS1.tif1813KSupporting Information Figure 1
STEM_579_sm_suppinfoFigS2.tif5560KSupporting Information Figure 2
STEM_579_sm_suppinfoFigS3.tif940KSupporting Information Figure 3
STEM_579_sm_suppinfoFigS4.tif401KSupporting Information Figure 3
STEM_579_sm_suppinfoFigS5.tif1913KSupporting Information Figure 5
STEM_579_sm_suppinfoFigS6.tif390KSupporting Information Figure 6
STEM_579_sm_suppinfotableS1.doc58KSupplementary Table 1A. Rate of success in MGC culture derivation respect to the pathology exhibited by the donor retinas.
STEM_579_sm_suppinfotableS2.doc52KSupplementary Table 2. List of the primary antibodies used for in vitro and in vivo immunofluorescence analysis.
STEM_579_sm_suppinfotableS3.doc63KSupplementary Table 3: List of Primers used for RT-PCR analysis in human and mouse MGCs

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