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STEM_58_sm_suppinfo.doc45KSupporting Information and Methods
STEM_58_sm_suppinfofigure1.tif418KSupporting Information Figure 1. Analysis of endogenous OCT4B-190 protein expression under heat shock. (A) MCF-7 cells were treated with heat shock at 45° (lanes 1-5). (B) Hela cells were treated with heat shock at 45° (lanes 1-5). Each experiment was repeated three times.
STEM_58_sm_suppinfofigure2.tif978KSupporting Information Figure 2. Determination of the methylation status of the diatal enhancer region of the OCT4 promoter. The distal enhancer region of OCT4 promoter is unmethylated in PA-1 cells and relative highly methylated in HepG2, Hela, OS732, MCF-7, HEK293 and fibroblast cells.
STEM_58_sm_suppinfofigure3.tif327KSupporting Information Figure 3. Determination of the promoter activity of the putative IRES element of OCT4B. 1: PGL3-Basic vector was used as a negative control; 2: PGL3-Promoter vector was used as a positive control; 3: PGL3-OCT4B (IRES) contained the putative IRES element of OCT4B which inserted into the PGL3-Basic vector. PGL3-Basic vector, PGL3-Promoter vector and PGL3-OCT4B (IRES) vector were respectively cotransfected with pRL-TK vector in MCF-7 cells. pRL-TK vector expressing the Renilla luciferase was used as a normalization.

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