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STEM_628_sm_suppinfoSuppFig1.tif1446KSupporting Information Figure 1
STEM_628_sm_suppinfoSuppFig2.eps2010KSupporting Information Figure 2
STEM_628_sm_suppinfoSuppFig3.eps744KSupporting Information Figure 3
STEM_628_sm_suppinfoSuppFig4.eps1245KSupporting Information Figure 4
STEM_628_sm_suppinfoSuppFig5.eps1741KSupporting Information Figure 5
STEM_628_sm_suppinfoSuppFig6.eps3329KSupporting Information Figure 6
STEM_628_sm_suppinfoSuppFig7.eps4312KSupporting Information Figure 7
STEM_628_sm_suppinfoSuppFig8.eps1025KSupporting Information Figure 8
STEM_628_sm_suppinfoSuppFig9.eps1209KSupporting Information Figure 9
STEM_628_sm_suppinfoTable1.doc62KSupplemental Table 1. Oligonucleotide primers used in this study.
STEM_628_sm_suppinfoTable2.doc252KSupplemental Table 2: MicroRNA Screen for Snail-Regulated MicroRNAs RNA samples were isolated on day 3 of ES cell differentiation, 24 hours after Snail induction

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