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STEM_649_sm_suppinfoFigureS1.tif2890KFigure S1. Isolation of pure DP cells from Lef-RFP transgenic mice. (A): AP staining confirmed high purity of DP cells sorted by RFP and Itga9 expression. (B): AP is exclusively expressed in the DP in hair follicle of postnatal day 4 backskin. Arrows indicate positive AP staining in DP cells. Abbreviations: AP, alkaline phosphatase; RFP, red fluorescent protein.
STEM_649_sm_suppinfoFigureS2.tif4543KFigure S2. Generation of 1TF iPS cells from DP-enriched cultures isolated under wildtype conditions. (A): Single cells from hair follicle preparations were stained with Itga9 antibodies and DAPI to sort live cells enriched in DP cells. (B): Enrichment of DP cells was calculated as the AP positive fraction of all DAPI cells on cytospins. Compared to ∼3% DP cells before sorting, an enrichment of between ∼60% could be achieved. (C): Left: Oct4-GFP positive 1TF iPS colony derived from DP-enriched cultures. Right: Subculture of established 1TF iPS lines. Abbreviations: AP, alkaline phosphatase; SSC, side scatter; FSC, forward scatter; GFP, green fluorescent protein; BF. brightfield.
STEM_649_sm_suppinfoFigureS3.tif7563KFigure S3. 1TF iPS cells derived from DP-enriched cultures expressed pluripotency markers and silenced the viral transgenes. (A): 2 different DP-derived 1TF iPS lines sorted by Itga9 immunostaining expressed all selected ES markers. Note that DP cells only expressed Sox2. (B): Viral transgene integration PCR indicates 1TF iPS cells only contained the Oct4 transgene. ES cells are negative controls. Infected cells containing all four transgenes served as positive control. (C): Silencing of viral transgenes was confirmed by Real-time PCR. Levels were normalized to Gapdh and presented relative to freshly infected cells. Abbreviations: ES, embryonic stem cells; INF, infected cells.
STEM_649_sm_suppinfoFigureS4.tif2347KFigure S4. Sox2 expression in human dermal papilla cells. Sox2 positive DP cells were detected in human hair follicle sections by immunofluorescence stainings. DP cells are located inside the area of the green circle. Inset is a larger magnification. Asterisks denote autofluorescence.
STEM_649_sm_suppinfotables.doc87KTable S1. Summary of blastocyst injections Table S2. List of primers

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