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STEM_733_sm_SuppFig1.pdf329KFigure S1. zLPA3 translation-blocking MOs efficiency analysis. (A) The observation of embryos injected GFP construct and/or MO at 12 h after fertilization. (B) zLPA3 tMO1 and tMO2 efficiently inhibited the expression of GFP fusion constructs containing MO target sites in zebrafish embryos. (C) The injection with control standard MO did not affect the normal hematopoietic development in zebrafish embryos.
STEM_733_sm_SuppFig2.pdf273KFigure S2. Hematopoiesis defects at 60 h after fertilization. Defective patterns at 60 h were similar to those at 48 h. (A) The hematopoiesis defects were classified into normal, moderate, and severe. (B) The quantitative plots showed dose-dependent inhibition by the zLPA3 tMO1 and tMO2.
STEM_733_sm_SuppFig3.pdf103KFigure S3. Long-term effect of HSCS under plasma-free (PF) culture. In stage III, hHSCs were cultured in plasma-free condition for one week. The cells were stained by Trypan-blue and the cell number was calculated by hematometer. After long-term culture without plasma, the cell number was decreased even in the present of LPA.
STEM_733_sm_SuppInfo.pdf11KSupporting Information

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